Sunday, October 24, 2021

About Me

I am Tony. Nice to meet you! I’m a computer scientist, educated in Computer Science but enjoy tinkering with all sorts of coding languages and paradigms for education+fun not as a full-time job, and chose a professional life of a Program Manager/Business Analyst/Project Manager.

Always thinking out of the box, asking the “whys”, I have always been the leader, not a follower.  No one could honestly identify me by any association with regards to race, religion, affiliations and those easy-labels, because I lived in 5/7 continents, and lived like the locals, learned their customs and even languages.

I’m a life-long learner…when I feel too comfortable with something, I push myself to do even better, something more innovative, maybe find ways to contribute more. This is a catalyst for constant learning and exploration (always works best for knowledge and growth).

Born in the south-east Asia, often/mostly feeling like an outsider, I yearned to explore the world beyond. All my late teen years and adulthood were spent in various parts of Europe all without my family…by myself. I learned a lot through struggles and be able to sort things out by my own merits and mistakes as they may be.  In my early adulthood, I moved to USA and since then have lived in various states mainly driven by changing my interest in education from architecture to computer science. Although, at heart, I wanted to be an artist; but that’s crazy! How would I support myself away from my family all by myself with very limited means?

At any rate, after crisscrossing the nation, I ended up settling in the beautiful pacific northwest in the latter part of 90’s; I’ve been here since. I raised my son since he was born in Seattle; although we have since moved to the suburbs. First and foremost, I’ve been a dedicated father; more dedicated to anyone or ~thing I can imagine!

Speaking of “other professions”, I’ve always been in the high-tech industry (software engineering) since graduating from Cal State. Educated as a computer scientist, I have coded millions of lines of code for Windows and Unix platforms, as well as cross-platform (web apps, widgets, apps for  mobile devices), but I never claim to be a programmer nor wanted to be one as a professional. Mainly because programming is fun! If I made a living as a coder, I’d be most likely coding other organizations’/peoples’ ideas, not mine 🙂 So, I’ve been coding my ideas since Freshman in college and been actually selling (some free) my software inventions. I code to this day, but not as a programmer, but to keep up with technologies hands-on, and nourish my insatiable hunger for knowledge and creativity.

So, as a profession I’m a Business Analyst, Program Manager, and a Project Manager. I’ve worked with a local Fortune 500 company based in Redmond for almost 20 years mostly in managing software projects (worth $$$, $$$) and teams near and far. My first few years was managing QA and Test Automation for various products. I mostly enjoyed making others better at work through managing and mentoring them regardless of reporting structure.

After a short “hiatus” and surveying if I should entirely go into different domains, I did return to the high-tech industry utilizing  plethora of my skills and experience from testing, development, to program management roles and everything in-between. When it comes to software engineering, I realized I’m more resourceful than most people in any of the above roles.  That’s because I am a learner for life!

I do try to tickle my creative faculty with hobbies (creating music e2e, painting, drawing, crafting, sculpting, sports, etc. etc.) while still being a “student” for life by investing time/money to bolster my professional skills with some of the latest technologies (IoT, Data Science, AI, and more).

Punctually, I’ll stop here so you can enjoy my blog posts and I can focus on creating some more blogs. Cheers 🙂 My aforementioned topics can be experienced on the sites below:

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