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Metaphysics, Harmony, Spirituality with Python

For many years, different sound frequencies have been believed and proven to have various effects on humans…in physical and mental aspects. From self-healing to spirituality; to vision and enlightenment, sound has been used (and continues to be) to aid meditation and therapy. Whether or not you believe in its benefits is beside the point of […]

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Complementary post to: Pop Quiz [And Solutions With Low Code!]

This post is a continuation of or complementary post to about using Excel and SQL for pop-quizes. Please read that first to get proper context…otherwise, this wouldn’t make much sense. As discussed in the post linked above, the SQL queries can be saved from Microsoft Query Editor to an external file. It’s really convenient because […]

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Understanding Trends: Real-world example

Trend analysis is a pivotal part of business analytics, project planning, marketing, and virtually all aspects of strategic planning and understanding of patterns/behavior. In this post, I present a straight-forward but very practical use of some analytics and walk you through: 1) Data collection 2) Data cleanup and shaping 3) Creating trends and understanding the […]

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