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Data extraction with multiple criteria with interactive UI

Imagine we are business owners who provide a range of services. We have a large set of customer data but we  really want to target those customers who might be interested in your services. We want to extract only that subset of data based on our services. And since we provide multiple, diverse services the […]

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Analyzing 10 Years of Patriots Performance: NFL

Love em or hate em, New England Patriots is a team to reckon with. They’ve implemented numerous creative and suspicious internal strategies that most  other teams would love to copy or at least understand. Well, I cannot expose those details as they’re not available anywhere. What is available however is their scores and stats. So, […]

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Air-quality GUI Application Using Webservices (Python)

This is a complete GUI application in Python to retrieve air quality information based on a zipcode (within USA). It utilizes the following concepts: Using tkinter library for GUI Calling a webservice Parsing JSON payload Formatting date and UI controls (input box, button, label, will dynamic updates) How to name your application title, attaching your […]

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