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Tracking Actual vs. My Predictions 4/29/20

Back in March 2020, I did some predictive modeling using simple math and Excel where I presented 3 scenarios: Likely, Best-case, Worst-case. You can read the original blog here: What-If Models (COVID-19): Results Let’s take a look at today’s latest data from WHO and compare my Model 1: Likely Scenario numbers. We’ll compare the USA […]

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Generating, plotting trajectory and…gamification (Excel)

Reminiscing the old tank game, I wanted to re-create a low-weight, low-code option of that simulation. The game depended on a canon (projectile) shot at your selected speed and angle to hit an enemy tank. The foundational formula is used in missile launch, sports, and many (you guessed it) military applications. Here, using the same […]

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Some of my faves: Live-Streaming Underwater Cams

Here are some of my favorite live-streams of underwater cams. They range from sharks, to coral reef life, to manatees. Also, there’s a link for an hour-long meditation while watching the apex predator of the underwater. Enjoy! Coral City Camera. Miami (FL, USA) Live stream from an urban coral reef in FL. Great streaming and […]

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How close were my initial models?

How close were my initial models? Let’s compare with today’s data. Take a look back on my educated-guess-but-not-official models that I created back in March 22, 2020: What-If Models (COVID-19): Results Today’s numbers for USA from WHO are (on 4/1/2020): # of confirmed cases (infected): 163,199 and confirmed deaths: 2,850 My four models were agnostic […]

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