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Sculpture creations: Video and more photos…

Howdy! I’ve uploaded some videos of my latest sculpture creations in clay for fun. Please check them out; hope you enjoy them. Also trying to keep photos of my art (sculpture, paintings/sketches, and encaustics) all in one place at Pics of this and more are at However, since I’m not a paying member there I […]

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What is the mean age of 11-15?

This is an easy question “What is the mean age of 11-15?” really but it’s worth for people to understand the different concepts and differences between “mean“, “arithmetic mean“, “statistical mean“, “average“, “midrange“, “median“, and “mode“. The arithmetic mean and average are the same thing. So, if you find the average of the numbers 11 to […]

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Adding sound to Python code

Python isn’t necessarily for multimedia programming, so only recently I looked up ways to add audio in a Python script. Turns out there are several ways to do that. They’re all really simple. Methods to add sound: 1. import winsound fname = “soundfile.wav” winsound.PlaySound(fname, winsound.SND_FILENAME) 2. import pygame pygame.init() s = pygame.mixer.Sound(“soundfile.wav”) # Start playback […]

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