Sunday, December 05, 2021
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Carbon footprint estimation made easy

Indeed, “Climate change” has been the hot topic for the last couple of weeks. It even surpassed the hubbub around the pandemic the world is experiencing for the past 2 years and counting! Thanks to COP26…the gathering of the “relevant” world leaders to discuss top, pressing issues of the world, the list of which contains […]

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Education STEM

Google honors the father of fiber optics

I found this out “accidentally” today (November 4th) while searching something on the Web, from landing page. This is what it looked like: As I looked at the binary numbers in their cartoony animation, I see they are:010010110100000101001111 which then translated to text, decimal, and hex are as follows: ASCII Decimal Hex 01001011 K […]

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Coding Education STEM


Here, I present a quick simulation application (runs in the browser) of population growth of bacteria that mutiplies following binary fission reproduction. Basically, it’s the division of a single cell into two or more cell and the regeneration of those parts to separate cells resembling the original. To play the simulation, just navigate to the […]

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Art Education STEM

Free custom icon based on my original painting: Oscar

In this post, I’m sharing an icon based off one of my original canvas paintings of Oscar fish. A snapshot of the painting is below (shown in smaller size than original): The original canvas is not for sale, however, a high-resolution, full-size digitized version is available as a NFT only on this official NFT exchange […]

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